Device Detection

CaptureDevice is a device detection solution for web based applications. It allows you to analyze device traffic, optimize content, leverage adaptive web design, and increase conversion rates for digital marketing. CaptureDevice services are quintessential in acheiving your goals.


It is essential to provide support to our clients to expedite their product onboarding. Depending on the service plan you choose, we offer a wide range of support for our services.


Cloud Standard

Our Cloud Standard support comes with basic support which includes 24x7 access to customer service email, documentation, whitepapers, and support forums.


Cloud Premium

Our Cloud Premium support includes business hours access to support engineers by phone, email, and chat. It will also include cloud standard support.


Dedicated Hosting

Our dedicated hosting support will include cloud premium and a custom service level agreement to for the business.


High Performance

To ensure that our service is robust, scalable, and durable we have thoroughly tested and benchmarked our services to meet or exceed surveyed expectations. Our performance benchmark is at 99.9% accuracy with up to 25 million detections per second. As a cloud service we have the capability to scale horizontally as needed. However, if our current shared service does not meet a client's expectation we have the capability of offering dedicated hosting.


In order to track the type of requests that a client receives over the duration of a month we provide a monthly report.  We provide reports enabling our clients to examine the summary and details of all request.

Summary Report

Our Summary Report captures summary usage for the previous month. The report is offered to clients of all service plans.

Detailed Report

Our Detailed Report captures detailed requests and usage for the previous month. The report is offered to clients of the Cloud Premium and Dedicated Hosting plan.




How it Works

A customer will send a request to our client. Our client will use our API and send the request data to our service. CaptureDevice will determine the type of device and return all the device data back to our client via our API. The client will then process the data as needed.