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Genesis: The Life of a Software Consultant

John Daniels began his journey in the world of computers by consulting after college as a software engineer. There he learned the principles of consulting: people, process, and technology. He learned companies are a living body of work, growing and sustaining itself through every contributor from its initial inception. These contributors are the people of an organization. They are the fabric and foundation of all companies, and bring with them insight about its past, present, and hopeful future. The people are the artisans of the business who have crafted business processes to see an organization reach its full potential.

Technology brings the capability to streamline business processes allowing an organization to be more efficient. Along with efficiencies other benefits include maturity and verifiable results. To understand a business is to understand its processes. To be successful in business is to establish relationships with clients that exemplify a collaboration of ideas to reach a common goal. Finally, for any organization to reach its goals expeditiously and maximize its potential, it must streamline it processes with technology.

Over many years, John was able to rise from the ranks of consulting novice to expert. This was done by diligently listening, learning, studying, and collaborating with clients. And through it all he was given esoteric knowledge into the world of system design and architecture. The perfection of his craft has been on display for over two decades while consulting for several Fortune 500 companies.

Revelations: My Needs + Your Needs = CaptureDevice

The idea of CaptureDevice came from a simple need to capture a wide range of device information for a web application that was being developed for marketing and advertising.  At the time of inception CaptureDevice was only supposed to be a web service internal to our organization.  After completing CaptureDevice it became apparent other companies may have a need for the same reliable service. So after much consideration CaptureDevice was launched in 2019.

Welcome: Your Consideration is an Honor

Welcome to CaptureDevice. The service we provide is not new to the internet, but why not share all of our research and development efforts with the world. By purchasing a subscription with CaptureDevice you are supporting a business who is committed to providing excellent service to our clients. Thank you for visiting our website.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make CaptureDevice an asset for your business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a market leader in the device detection solution services.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to provide a fast, accurate, and affordable service.

A Part of Business Works Ltd.

CaptureDevice is part of Business Works Ltd., headquartered in Houston, Texas. Business Works Ltd. is a software company specializing in marketing and advertising software.

We are eager to answer any question you may have.